Saturday, March 26, 2011

A little bragging for my fellow bonanza peeps ;)

Today I'd like to take the time to show a few items from some of the other Bonanza sellers so you can see all of the variety that you'll find in the Bonanza community. 

This first item comes from zenbreeze .  You will most definitely want to visit her booth, by clicking on her name above,and browse her gallery of  art
11x14 Print Mermaid Fantasy Ocean Seascape Sunset Fine Art   

      Siamese Cat Crow Raven Moon Art New  handmade           


Next we have darcy777 . Darcy will make you handmade soaps to delight you or maybe even crochet you an Easter egg :) Click her name and stop by for a visit!
Our next stop is with   EdHardylovr. If you like Ed Hardy, this is the place to shop! And you'll find a collection of other great items as well.
Last but not least is abbysattic . Abby likes collecting old china/porcelain, sterling silver flatware and etched crystal and occasionally they'll make there way into her booth along with other interesting items.

                 Cambridge Chantilly Creamer Sugar Sterling Sheffield Base

Well that's it for this time, but come back again and see if maybe your booth shows up. :)

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  1. Thank you for including my Bonanza booth in this lovely article :-).