Saturday, March 26, 2011

A little bragging for my fellow bonanza peeps ;)

Today I'd like to take the time to show a few items from some of the other Bonanza sellers so you can see all of the variety that you'll find in the Bonanza community. 

This first item comes from zenbreeze .  You will most definitely want to visit her booth, by clicking on her name above,and browse her gallery of  art
11x14 Print Mermaid Fantasy Ocean Seascape Sunset Fine Art   

      Siamese Cat Crow Raven Moon Art New  handmade           


Next we have darcy777 . Darcy will make you handmade soaps to delight you or maybe even crochet you an Easter egg :) Click her name and stop by for a visit!
Our next stop is with   EdHardylovr. If you like Ed Hardy, this is the place to shop! And you'll find a collection of other great items as well.
Last but not least is abbysattic . Abby likes collecting old china/porcelain, sterling silver flatware and etched crystal and occasionally they'll make there way into her booth along with other interesting items.

                 Cambridge Chantilly Creamer Sugar Sterling Sheffield Base

Well that's it for this time, but come back again and see if maybe your booth shows up. :)

Thursday, March 10, 2011

A little about me :)

Let me tell you a little about myself. I'm a mother to 4 wonderful children, a wife, a daughter and a grandmother to 6 lovely grandchildren. 4 years ago I left my job as a produce manager in a family owned grocery business. Lifting 50 lb crates all day long was starting to take a toll on my body and I just decided that my health was more important than the paycheck. Of course, that was right before our country took a nose dive and prices sky rocketed!!! I sometimes wonder if I was just the least bit hasty in throwing in the towel, because that pay check would sure come in handy now.For instance,  I recently went to the store and wanted to purchase a green pepper. As I started to drop it in the bag I looked at the price on the sign and almost swallowed my tongue! $2.00 for ONE pepper, ON SALE!!! And that wasn't by the pound it was EACH! My family laughs at me because I would often tell them stories of customers complaining about the produce prices and here I was doing the same thing. The difference is, I didn't grumble and complain in the aisle and make a spectacle of myself, I just politely removed the pepper from the bag and put it back with all the others that weren't being purchased, I didn't really need it that bad. I did tell my hubby tho, that this summer our garden was going to have peppers aplenty and I would chop and freeze as many as I could!! (Which, by the way, was something I didn't have time to do when I worked.)
Ok, I got a little side tracked, sorry. The first year I was off I spent my time cleaning, painting and doing all the chores that I didn't have time to do when I worked, but after all that was done I was like, ahmmm, hmmmm, now what can I do. Everybody I knew, worked. My children were all grown, and working, with families of their own. My hubby works odd hours and most of my time is spent trying to entertain myself. We live in the country, away from all the shopping malls or any other kind of entertainment so joining a gym, volunteering, or even working part time, was not something I considered. The gas alone would run us in to the poor house.
And all of that is what led me to making jewelry. I went on the computer one day to see if I could figure out how to make bracelets with some vintage buttons I had and now, here I am. I absolutely love making jewelry. My first attempts at it make me chuckle when I look at them, but hey, we all have to start somewhere. 
The pieces I make are not that out of the ordinary and are actually quite easy to do. I get loads of pleasure out of  creating something, no matter how simple or dainty it may be. I eventually got so much jewelry on hand that I had to find a way to share it with others and that's when i came across Bonanza . Bonanza is a place where I can  have a booth, post pictures and descriptions of my items and not pay anything until I sell it, and even then the fee is low. It's a user friendly site where the members help each other and friends can be made.. When I sold my first piece I practically did back flips, I could now technically say my hobby was sort of my job, and my days are filled doing something I love! Which, I need to check on a few things, so I'll continue with this a bit later. Maybe you'd like to take a little jaunt through my Bonanza booth? I'd be happy to have you stop by and while you're there you can visit others as well! :-)

Here's a sample of what you'll find there ;-)


Day 3

Ok I'm back for another try and I see I have another follower, that makes 2 and counting! LOL! I noticed in my previous post that I had a few things I could have done better. One being the link to my bonanza booth. Seems I need to figure out how to post  so that  becomes a link.
 bonanza That was a test, if it doesn't work just chalk it up to my inexperience and as I travel around this site I'll test a few other goodies. :)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My second attempt!

Well, as you may or may not be able to see, my blog has been sitting here with only a title for the past several months. I don't know why I feel so intimidated by this, but I do. I made mention in a forum at Bonanza, which is a wonderful website that I sell jewelry on, that if I got a few followers maybe it would motivate me to figure out how all this works. Low and behold, I got my first follower, and yuppers, I got motivated!!!!
Sadly, I have a dentist appointment this afternoon and must keep this short but I will be back to continue working on my blog and hopefully generate some interest. Until then, have a wonderful day, and check back to see how far I've gotten. :)
Oh, here, let me share a link with you to my jewelry site