Monday, April 4, 2011

2 Special Bonanza friends

I'd like to showcase 2 special Bonanza friends. Jazzy and Calcedonia. Both of these ladies take great pride in their handcrafted items and you won't go wrong doing business with them.
This first item is from Jazzy

 Jazzy handcrafts all her jewelry items and is very particular about her work. If she’s not pleased with something she’ll take it apart and start over until it meets her standards. If you need something customized just ask and she’ll be happy to help you.

Next is Calcedonia

 This adorable handcrafted blue and white  ensemble comes from Calcedonia and is fitted for 18inch dolls, American Girl or Springfield collection. All of  Calcedonia’s items are unique and one of a kind.  Stop by and see her scarves and hats for big girls too!
Calcedonia also does customized work and is a joy to know.

Manic Monday @ Bonanza

Every Monday in my booth at Bonanza I have a Manic Monday sale. It's a great day to buy some of your favorites  and get a great deal! Just click on the Manic Monday category on the left side of the page and get one item at regular price and the second, of equal or lesser value, FREE!!! For instance, you might like this stretch ring and choose these cat's eye pierced earrings as your free item. Stop by my  booth and see all the great choices. You can also find more great items by visiting this link and seeing all the other great Manic Monday sellers!

Friday, April 1, 2011

A few more of our great Bonanza sellers!

The following are a few sellers I've picked to showcase some of their great deals. If you click on their names you'll find a shortcut to each and every booth!





and last but not least is LuvMyBxr