Friday, December 2, 2011

Does Christmas sneak up on you too?

Christmas is fast approaching! If you're anything like me, it will sneak up behind you, poke you in the side and you'll scratch your head wondering where the time has gone and how can it possibly be December, let alone, Christmas!? Thanksgiving has come and gone, along with all the leftovers, and now I must really get on with my Christmas shopping. Jeepers, I almost forgot the Christmas decorations, and the cookies! Somewhere along the way I must get cards for my family members that are spread around the country and let them know that they are in our hearts this holiday season, as well as all year round! And then of course, there's always the pre-Christmas parties. Oh, wait, what am I going on about? We don't do all that partying, we leave that up to the younger generation. :-)
I've also been busy adding new wrap bracelets to my Bonanza site. I was looking for something new to make and saw them on a website and was blown away by the price! I researched them a bit, taught myself how to make them, decided that if I could do them at a more reasonable price, I could add them to my Bonanza site and share them with others looking for last minute gifts. And, as an added bonus, they're fun to make and the designs are endless. You can have words, names or phrases of your choice, knotted closures, button closures, and a variety of choices such as leather or suede to trap your beads between. You can also have a single, double, or triple wrap and even more if you choose. Of course, the price does increase as the wraps increase and according to the beads that are used. However, I always try to keep my items affordable for everyone. ;-)  Here's a sample of just a few:
Triple wrap bracelet
single wrap button closure

If you click on my site you can take a look at everything I have listed. I hope you find something that tickles your fancy.
Now, I better get busy on my list of things I must get done in the next 22 days.  A Very Merry Christmas to all!!

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