Saturday, August 20, 2011

I'm Back!

I'm always amazed at how quickly and easily I get side tracked and run off course for days and months at a time! Back in May I put my Bonanza booth on vacation because I was going to go on vacation for a few weeks. I went to see my brother in Seattle and from there we visited my son and his family in Montana  and then returned to Seattle and stayed there for another week long visit. I love both places and always hate leaving my family behind when I return home. 
After returning home I  had my Grandson with me for the summer while my daughter worked and in order to give him lots of love and care I decided to just wait till school started again to put my booth back up for business.
Well, here it is, just one week till school starts, (jeepers the summer slid by quickly!) and I'm ready to jump back into the cyber world. I opened my booth last week and only have a few items there right now but will continue to add more as time permits. I check on things every day and as we move into our Fall and Winter months I'll be around even more! We still have a lot of lovely days ahead and I'm going to enjoy each and everyone!

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